Chef Tomas Reger is the owner of Tomas Reger Food Consultants, the restaurant and private chef service company.

Originally from the Czech Republic. He got his first taste of cooking assisting his grandmother who was a fabulous cook and supported him in his decision to become a professional chef.

His interest in food lead him on a culinary journey from the beaches of Spain to the fine dining restaurants of England and finally establishing himself in the Middle east.

He opened and run the Dubai based Steam Sum Dim Sum restaurant, the first specialty dim sum place in Dubai.

He was later responsible for re-inventing the menu for the famous  Le Sushi Bar as well as creating and setting up the operations of The Jasmine room restaurant in Beirut. Which inspired him to established a Food For Thought Co. in Lebanon specializing in restaurant consultancy.

His passion of cooking also led him to the idea of setting up a private chef company in Dubai to be able to share his skills, taste and love for food………………………You are guaranteed to taste the difference!