Restaurant consultancy

At Chef Tomas Reger food consultant, I’m able to offer consultancy to any type of hospitality establishment-be it a bistro, café or high end restaurant.

With my vast experience, I will look at your establishment with knowledgeable but fresh eyes.
I believe, that offering the customer consistently good product at the right price is the key to running a successful hospitality business that will resist the unpredictable changes of trends and retain consumer confidence.

Through a structured approach to each individual client, I will be able to quickly and effectively assess both the positive and negative aspects of each target business.
 My main areas of consultancy will include:

  • Menu creation and structuring-I’m able to create bespoke menu or use your ideas effectively using the latest culinary trends.

  • Improved quality of product through effective training – I will train your current or new staff to maximise their potential and to consistently deliver the desired product.

  • Improved kitchen efficiency and performance – I will advise you on the kitchen layout and machinery, as well as looking at the efficiency of the current kitchen design.

  • Improved quality of produce through effective sourcing – I will use my extensive network of proven suppliers to negotiate the best deals on the market.

  • Improved cost efficiency  - I am able to minimize the costs by properly training the staff to reduce wasting of products and time.

  • Improved stock control - I will provide the list of all ingredients and all the necessary forms to effectively manage your stock.

  • Follow up consultation – I will assure the consistency and maintaining of the established standards.

Product development
Chef Tomas Reger can be hired for product development as he has a vast experience in various ethnical cuisines.