À la Carte

Chef Tomas has created this à la carte menu to enable you to create your own three to five course menu.

Your choice doesn’t stop here as we can create bespoke menu for your special event. Just call us for free consultation.

Amouse bouche

roasted peppers and tarragon vol au vent
beetroot and goat cheese mille feuille
tomato consomme, basil, capers and black olive shot


Seabass ceviche
 yuzu juice marinated fillet of seabass with edible flowers, chives  and pink peppercorn

Red mullet
fennel salad, dressed with lemon and parsley vinaigrette

Duck salad
crispy confit of duck with herbs and cresses in citrus vinaigrette

Quail breast
seared quail breast with gyozas filled with the leg confit, warm onion relish


Roasted cod
garden pea puree, radishes, asparagus and pea shoots

Cod/hammour/snapper (depending on the market availability)
apple and enoki salad with white miso and yuzu sauce


Grilled sirloin
eryngyi, mushroom jus and rosemary oil

Grilled lamb loin
hazelnuts, nasturtium, quinoa, honey and black pepper sauce


Strawberry soup
poached merengue and basil shoots

Roasted pineapple
rum caramel, mint and coconut mascarpone

Passion fruit tart
exotic fruit salad, ginger and lime syrup

BBQ Menu

with chili, lemon and parsley

with pineapple and coconut salsa

with chimichurri sauce

with onions, pickle, jalapenos and tomato jam in a Portuguese bun

grilled rack of lamb with pistachio and herb butter

Potato salad with dried tomatoes, onions, parsley, capers and mustard vinaigrette
Corn on the knob with lemon and butter
Grilled parmesan polenta